When I built the Albion Anagama there was a community of my peers living in the city of Albion who were serious about making wood fired work. One of the main reasons that I built a large anagama was to facilitate the work of all of these potters. All of them have since moved away and it has become increasing important for me to intentionally gather a new group of practitioners.

The purpose of my Resident Artist program is to help me manage the scope of my studio and for the Resident to participate in the actual "practice" of being  a studio artist. My Residents and I are working together to accomplish firings, no Resident is doing anything other than making their own personal work and working towards the next firing. My expectations are that they will do the same work that I do, which includes cleaning, splitting wood, cooking, making art and all the other things that make up studio practice. I do hope to have a personal relationship with the people that I work with. 

If you are interested in applying for a residency at Albion Anagama contact me directly by phone at (517)629-5876.